My name is Paul Anderson Jr. also known as Dre Mafia and I am a Dancehall Artist / Producer/composer and songwriter from a small community in Montego bay called rose heights. During the time I was living there many volatile incidences have occurred which played a key role in writing my music. Not all the time it was violent there were some good experiences when I first join the Heights Marching Band at age 8. That is the point where I started my musical journey in knowing how to play the drum and trumpet but I couldn’t read music.

Growing up as a youth in the ghetto my mom was living in England and my day was living in Cornwall courts Montego bay so I had to stay with my grandma who groomed me into becoming the man I am today. She always make sure I am good and made sure I never went to bed hungry and the same for my mom and dad tried their best to make sure I stayed out of trouble. I attended Irwin High but was focused which results in me not graduating and not getting the subjects I wanted that’s where I had to learn the hard way and was in the streets for a bit because my mom did approve of my behavior.

When I speak about pain in my music that’s where all of it comes from and also losing a couple of my best friends due to gun violence. I wasn’t perfect but seeing my friends lose their life I had to choose the path of progress or crime which resulted in me going through a lot of jobs just to put food on the table and make sure my family was ok. I did have much but went back to school got all my CXC subjects and career advance programs (CAP) CERTIFICATE in computer science.

After a few years of change, my life around it was time for me to leave jamaica and go to Canada where I choose music as my career choice and learn how to do everything including mixing and master of my songs to cut costs because music takes a lot of money.

After I started my first year in music I meet my manager Naviigator and from that day we worked together until I was signed to his label within a few months of composing beats and writing music for a lot of top dancehall artists.

Ready to take over dancehall and introduce a new wave and sound Dre Mafia is ready to show the world what talent focus and faith can do once you believe in yourself.