Montie Martin also known as Inpha Reblitive  is a Dancehall/Reggae artiste that expresses a unique and versatile side of the Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae industry. His name signifies the cohesive effort that was executed to match the emotional, graphic and lyrical musical content that comes through the lips of this creative and talented individual. Inpha’s music seemingly always captures the ears, emotions, minds and imaginations of his listeners. His message embodies a mix of reality and relativity that echoes what is needed for this generation to live for decades.

Inpha grew up in a so-called volatile community, Raymonds, a small district in Clarendon. A place where he was negatively influenced due to the death of his Father at the tender age of eleven (11). Inpha was forced to grow up early, being the second of his three (3) siblings. He was faced with immense hardship and suffering which he used as a motivating factor to hone and develop his God given talent. At the age of fifteen (15) Inpha developed an intrinsic love for music and therefore used this to express himself during his hard times. It was at this point that he was forced to assume the role of his family’s breadwinner at the tender age of eighteen (18). While working assiduously to support his family Inpha documents his journey in tracks such as ‘Weh Dem Deh’ and ‘Seven Days A week’.

Fueled and highly influenced by his life experiences. Inpha Reblitive is entirely focused to bring his creativity, talent and unique expression to the forefront of the Dancehall/Reggae industry.